Zach Taylor

Para Planner

Zach Taylor has more than five years of experience in the financial services industry. An admitted “people person,” Zach works with both businesses and individuals. “I like to be that one call you make for all things financial.”

In his work with businesses, Zach focuses on providing group health insurance, key man policies, succession planning strategies and other important coverages for small businesses. In his work with individuals and families, Zach helps with overall financial planning, risk management, and providing complimentary portfolio reviews.

Zach has a special passion for helping families with quality insurance products. When he was just 28 years old, he developed a medical issue. “I had the sinking realization that my autoimmune disease suddenly made me almost uninsurable. I wished I had done things differently,” he says.

As a result of his experience, Zach says “I often discuss with clients the possibility of obtaining some sort of permanent life insurance for their newborns while they are healthy and there’s virtually no underwriting. Some of these policies are convertible as they get older, and can be used for different purposes, like funding for college expenses.”

Zach helps young families understand all of the different options available to them through an independent firm like Choice Financial Services, including the many investments and insurance products available like 529 college savings plans, annuities, term life, universal life, indexed universal life, infant insurance for babies and several other insurance options. “It’s nice knowing you can look out for loved ones and significant others using a mix of different financial planning strategies,” he says.

A man of many talents, Zach started his career as a wine salesman. While he was in college, Zach studied business management with a specialization in the hospitality industry. After he graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in hospitality management, he received several offers to some of most the prestigious culinary institutes in America, which he turned down to take his first job out of college selling wine in Dallas for close to three years. Throughout his wine journey Zach studied for several different certification, including the level 1 sommelier. (Now that he has become a financial advisor, he says, “Wine is an expensive hobby.”)

Outside of the office, Zach enjoys outdoor sports including hunting and fishing and he is passionate about wildlife conservation. He also serves as a youth wrestling coach for elementary students alongside one of his good friends from high school. Wrestling is something he remains passionate about today because he believes that it helps sculpt young people into being dedicated and hardworking adults.

You can reach Zach Taylor via e-mail at: