What’s Important to
You About Money?

Each person answers the question about money’s importance differently. For some people, it’s simply having a lot of it. For others, it’s knowing how to use it, spend it, save it, keep it, or pass it on. At Choice Financial, we listen closely to what is important to you about money, what stage you are at in your life journey, who your family members are, and what your life goals are. Then we give you choices as part of a financial plan, carefully explaining the financial principles behind each of your options.
Personalized Planning Strategies

Education, Resources & Tools

Experience You Can Trust

  We named our firm Choice Financial Services because we don’t tell you what to do—we give you choices and options for your money based on your goals.  


Education Is Our Mission

Choice Financial Services believes that education is vital to helping you make prudent decisions in order to achieve financial success. We are not here to tell anyone what to do. First, we carefully listen to your financial goals, then we present you with options and information to help you choose for yourself. In our decades in business, we have demonstrated that when clients understand their finances, they are better equipped to achieve their vision of success.

  Education is the key to helping people make smarter choices about their finances. Education is our top priority.  

About Our Clients

We work with pre-retirees, retirees, young families, federal employees, medical professionals, retired military, employees, business owners, high-net worth families, and executives throughout the U.S. Our clients are very diverse, and each has a unique outlook, circumstances, family make-up and goals. It would be easier for us to offer everyone a boilerplate financial plan, but that’s not how we work. The plans we develop are highly customized to each family or organization we work with.

 Empowering the whole family to understand their finances helps ensure tax-advantaged transfer of multigenerational wealth.